Янв 3rd 2017

Nursery Plant to Bonsai

Разбор старого бонсай и пересадка. Окультуривание корневой системы и переделка формы и образа под формат новой подлошки.

Наглядное видео работы с корневой системой, не сказать, что до такого стоит доводить, но уметь нада.

Nursery Plant to Bonsai — Part 1.

Last year I picked up this »Justin Brouwers Boxwood», I cut it back by using sheers and then cut out some of the thick branches. I now wished I would of made a video of that prune!
I was going to use the larger pot at first but it just didn’t look right, in my own opinion.

Yes, being that I’m alone in the forest, you would never catch me without a side arm. On my way in I saw lots of elk and I know there are tons of bears and mountain lions.